Monday, June 14, 2010

Creative Three

More than ten years later, old college friends unite. Kim, Sheridan, and Ol' Jon. A decade ago, we were would-be writers. Full of ideas and dreams and wildfire. Nothing we could not have accomplished if we put our minds to it. And now? Kim manages nurses. Sheridan recently returned from a prolonged, multi-year vacation doing cabaret in New York City. And me? I'm a sloppy old geek with too many ideas and not enough spine.

Reunion started at The Hard Rock Casino. Couple of drinks. Laughter. Taunting the server. Reliving old adventures. Figuring out where we diverged. Where life took us afterwards.None of ending up where we planned. Maybe not where we wanted. But all of us on our feet. And mostly sane.

Drifted to Jazzeppi's for some food. Some more drinks. And more laughs. Funny how quickly time can disappear. The space between now and college blurred like chalk drawings on a rain-slick sidewalk. Some four thousand days almost meaningless while we relive would-be golden years. Memories enhanced by booze and carbs. Halloween costumes. Wrestling events. Parties. Teachers. Fellow students. All rehashed in glorious detail for a few fleeting hours.

And then we were done. Not sure when we will meet again. Three completely disparate lives rocketing in different directions. An act of Congress to converge. We want it to be soon. But we know it won't.