Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Ryanman 2017 - Week Two

Increasing my volume of training again this week: 3 runs, 2 swims, 1 bike, two gym sessions. Sleeping a bit better and dialing in the nutrition, too. Need to work on mobility, HRV, and breath work, soon. Yesterday's "long" ride was brutal due to humidity and wind but otherwise everything is off to a good start.  Bit short on details this week, but this is just a "building" phase, several weeks before the official program starts. More, next week.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The RyanMan 2017 - Week One

One of my long races this year will be the RyanMan 70.3 triathlon, Oct 8th, in Jackson, MS. Working on a new plan this time, including elements of strength & condition, an increased recovery focus, and even better nutrition.

Ryan was the son of a local triathlete. By the age of three he was on his second battle with cancer. Everyone came together and created this race to support Ryan. Unfortunately, he lost his battle. But the race and the memories continue.

As an interesting self experiment, here are some of my stats that will be tracked over the next 24 weeks:

  • Body Weight - 184lbs
  • Percent Body Fat - 12%
  • Percent Body Water - 64%
  • Percent Skeletal Muscle Mass - 74lbs
  • Bone Mass - 13lbs
  • Swim  Pace - 1:55/100 (no snorkel!)
  • Bike Pace - 18.8 MPH (in Zone 3)
  • Run Pace - 10:45/mile (in Zone 3)
Obviously the goal is to improve all of those. Specific goals would be:
  • Lower body fat a couple of percentage points to 9% ideally
  • Increase muscle mass by a few pounds to improve power production
  • Increase cardiovascular capacity so HR zones stay the same but pace improves
  • Have fun!
So there's RyanMan, a couple of Spartans, HeatWave, RideYellow, and Southern Magnolia. Should be a fun season. We'll see!