Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye bye 2012!

With a few minutes left, here is how I'll remember 2012:

  • 12 races on the books
  • 77 hours of strength training
  • 70 miles of swimming
  • 312 miles of running
  • 1430 miles of biking
  • and 210337 calories that aren't clinging to my waistline.
A year of challenges, victories, discoveries, and defeats. Looking forward to more, in 2013. 

So bye bye 2012!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Jingle Bell Run - 2012

Beautiful day in Long Beach. Everyone gathering on the town green for a little 5K event: Jingle Bell Run - 2012.

Took the kids. And Molly Dog. Kids bickering over who holds the leash. Everyone loves that little lion of ours. When the race began, she wanted to run, too!

Temperature started off in the 50s. Wore pants. Almost wore sleeves. Ended nearly 70. Sweated most of the way. Regretted those pants most of all.

Smooth roads. Water mid-way. No idea how many runners. Maybe 300. Many kids. Some seniors. Few dogs. Very friendly run with lots of happiness in the air.

No intervals. No stopping. Passed the folks I wanted to pass. Got passed more than I wanted to get passed. Didn't do badly, but I didn't do well. 27:33. Unofficially 83rd place. (Not everyone went the full distance.) If I actually slept last night, if I hadn't spent time yelling at the toilet, and if I were hydrated, I might have done better. But I'm happy with the performance, given my silly conditions. Great way to start the day, and I enjoyed the time with the kids. Maybe one day I'll have them running next to me. Shortly after, I'm sure I'll have to catch up with them. But I enjoy what I have. It's all good. Including the Jingle Bell Run!