Friday, September 02, 2005

The smallest improvements

When I return from my now-routine trip to the supply lines, Dad has a new generator. And a fresh pizza!

The engine is an upgrade from Walker's Rent-All. Dad went over after I left and traded in the old one, plus three hundred dollars, for a new modern unit. This one will hold 10 hours of gas and we can power a window-unit (air conditioner!) without over heating. No more bi-hourly trips to refill the dinosaur! And cold air tonight, if I don't mind sleeping in the same room with my father and his Thunder God snoring.

The pizza came from Dominoes. $10 per pie and worth every cent. The manager put everyone who showed up to work. Fired up the ovens and accepted only cash. One of the kids was walking down our street with an arm full of large pepperonis when Dad saw him. He was sold out by the time he made it to the end of the road and headed back for another run. For the first time since the storm, we're eating fast food, licking the grease off our fingers, and talking about how long it will take to get a window unit setup in Dad's room.

The smallest improvements are a godsend. The simplest trappings of civilization give us fresh hope.

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