Friday, July 03, 2009

MOVIE: Bladerunner - Remastered Director's Cut

Blade Runner originally came out in 1982. It was then and it is now a visual and story telling masterpiece. It started my love affair with both Phillip K. Dick and dark, moody ("noir") science fiction. In summary, the movie is based on one of Dick's novels: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep. Blade Runner is about a detective (Decker) played by Harrison Ford who specializes in tracking and killing rogue androids. His profession is jokingly named: blade runner. The androids are villainous called: replicants. And killing them isn't easy or illegal.

The adventure takes place in a grim, constantly over-cast futuristic version of Los Angeles. Over the course of the tale, Decker unwinds the plot and makes several subtle discoveries about himself and other characters.

My description doesn't do it any justice and I highly recommend the movie to anyone who hasn't seen it and is even remotely a fan of science fiction. It will not be disappoint any new viewers.

This version brings the visual quality into the twenty first century. And the muddled, ineffective voice overs of the previous versions have been removed.  There is also a new unicorn element introduced which brings the movie's ending more in line with the novel's ending.

The special effects are still good almost thirty years later. The story line is fantastic. The acting is mostly good. The writing stays constantly intriguing. And the pacing is perfect. The depth of the characters as well as the twists and intriguing social questions raised throughout probably make for a good date flick. Some light nudity and too much violence make it bad for the kids. But it is absolutely worth a rental and should be owned by any fans of the genre.

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