Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Fix Is On

Watching C-SPAN. Bunch of financial executives getting grilled by Congressmen. Villains questioning other villains. A grand, farcical comedy put on to appease the sheeple. There won't be any serious reform. Nobody in power wants it. Obama has surrounded himself with former Wall Street dupes. Geither, Poulson, Gary Gensler, Rahm Emanuel, Mark Patterson, Larry Summers. So on. So forth. All alumni from the Blood Sucking Vampire Squid (aka Goldman Sachs.)

Further proof? Check the stock market. All the mavens and quants and brokers see the covert writing on the wall. While all the mewling sheeple were watching Senator Levin bravely taunting Dan Sparks by repeatedly saying "shitty deal," on C-SPAN, the traders bought more and more of Goldman's stock. The result? A one-day gain of $549M in the investment giant's market value.

We're watching smoke and mirrors. Wall Street has already bribed their way into a successful end game. The fix is on.

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