Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Good Deed

I do try. I do! When the opportunity presents itself, I do a good deed. Friends. Family. Neighbors. If it is within my power, I'll do what I can.

Case in point: a knock upon my door at 9PM. Who can it be? My kindly old neighbor lady. Ms Dees. Only eight years short of 100. She had locked herself out of her house, checking on her garden. I tried her other doors. I tried her windows. No easy mode of entry. Walked her back to my house, sat her on the sofa, and after four phone calls I found a locksmith (Ricky) that could bump the lock. "Just talk loud to her, Ricky. She's sharp, if she hears you." By 10PM, Ms Dees was safely back in her front room. No worse for wear.

And tonight, approaching midnight, I find myself working on a technical solution. For a friend who called in need. By the time I'm done, I'll be approaching 16hrs of work today. No rest for the weary. No rainchecks. Just me and my quest for karma. I'm hoping I can buy it with a good deed.

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