Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back To Life

My PC had a rough couple of weeks. But it is (seemingly) back to life. It is a happy PC.

The first problem involved the SATA controller for the hard drives. I'm fairly sure it quietly died one morning. Dell had to dispatch an entire new motherboard, since the SATA controller isn't a seperate card.

The second problem stemmed from the first one. The MBR (Master Boot Record) was hosed. (That's a technical term we use these days.) The hardware on the PC didn't know how to bootup the PC properly because it couldn't find the bootup files on the disk. It didn't know where to look until I rewrote the MBR.

The third problem was likely related to the first one. Some of the Microsoft Windows files (mainly the HAL.DLL) died when the SATA controller crashed. Unfortunately it took two hours to repair all the damaged files and a couple more to run a multitude of Windows Updates. And then I had to wrestle with a corrupt installation of .NET.

Needless to say, I haven't been keen on working on the computer much. But I'll get back on track.

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