Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gym Time With Boo

Liam went to the gym with me this morning. He wanted to work out. To try the weights. I was doing legs & shoulders. So he joined me. Aside from trying to keep his attention sometimes and trying to explain the weights to him, we had a great time. And Liam did a great job. He listens very well. And takes directions well. Made me very proud to see him put a serious effort into everything and challenge himself.

He had great form on the squats. After I took the photo I helped get his feet under his shoulders and his toes pointing straight ahead of him. He did great with about 40lbs. And he really enjoyed the leg press. The sled weighs about 45lbs. So he was almost pressing his own body weight.

Our first time together. I hope we have more in the future. I'm not going to push him. But if the spirit moves him, I'll be there waiting. And we can tackle the gym together.

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