Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas '08

It is Christmas in South Mississippi. Seventy Five degrees! And I'm wearing shorts.

Meg woke up at 0330 last night. She bolted down the hall and woke up her brother. Together they came to wake us and asked if they could open their presents. Denied. So we all slept for a couple of more hours and opened presents at 0630.

Ate lunch with my parents, my Grand Mother, my Uncle Earl, and Aunt Susan's family. We had the buffet at Island View Casino. It would have been good if it weren't $20/head. We won't be doing THAT next year.

Then we opened presents at Grandma's house with my family, and my brother Jason.

Then we opened presents at Gigi's house.with Cindy's family.

Then we spent almost two hours playing Rock Band on the Wii with Darren's brother and his crew. Amazingly good time. And everyone was in awe of Liam's ability to instantly pick up all the new songs and play them on the HARD level, without any apparent effort or fear.

Aside from the enjoyment of spending time with our families and absorbing the Christmas spirit, Rock Band was unquestionably the highlight of almost everyone's day. Even the teenaged Neices were digging it.

A good way to end a bad year. Bring on 2009 already!

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