Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Silent Night - '08

Liam and Meg are in the church choir this year. It's Liam and fifteen girls. (Good odds, I tell him.) They're both talented singers. I, of course, sing like a lizard. And I'm complete tone deaf. Cindy's genetics, however, has a rich history of exceptional singers. Both of Cindy's parents were in a traveling gospel group. Cindy's mother often sings at events. And Cindy's brother is one of the best singers in the adult choir. (Cindy usually only sings after she has been drinking. (Which means she almost never sings any more.) But on those rare occasions, she completely hypnotizes me with her voice.) That whole side of the family tree have golden voices. And it wasn't lost on the kids.

So, tonight is "Silent Night," at the church. Both of our children sang. Meg instinctively her the pack. She knows all of her lyrics, knows her dance moves, and when to pickup/put down her little jiggle bell thing. The rest of the kids in her group all follow her lead. And her voice is clearly audible above the rest. Liam has a solo during his portion. He did a phenomenal job of keeping his composure. And of course his has an angelic singing voice like a beautiful little girl. (That's an inside joke hearkening back to when I was in choir 30yrs ago.) We were all extremely proud of them and happy that they were able to contribute to the nights' events.

Otherwise, service was quick and painless. I took communion for the first time in my life. Cindy asked me politely and said it would set a good example for the kids. So, wearing my fancy green Santa tie, I ate of the flesh and drank of the blood without any protest. All in good fun and in honor of the rest of my family and their beliefs. Fortunately I didn't combust or turn into a pillar of salt.

Hopefully we'll be able to sleep tonight. Santa is far from done. And we're waiting for him to do his deeds so we can call it a night.

Merry Christmas to all.

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