Sunday, December 06, 2009

In The Gym

Been having success in the gym as of late. Worked chest and triceps today. Two great records to report. For my fourh and final set on the bench machine, I pressed 240lbs, six times. And on my last set on the machine fly machine, I hit 190lbs, ten times. Both are weights I've never hit before. Never. They aren't world records. But for me, they're personal milestones that I never thought I could hit. Even before I blew my shoulder out, I maxed at 220lbs. And now I'm able to do more. It's very empowering to know that I'm pushing through my self-imposed limits. To reach new levels.

On a different note, I think perhaps I'm over-training some days. At some point I think, "Do I tough it out? Try to fight through it? Or take it easy?" One side says, "You're not a kid any more. You should take it slow." And then my other side says, "You took it easy for 30 years, dude. Wake up!"

And I'm gaining weight, again. Even though my waistline is shrinking. Probably muscle gain. I hope it is muscle. I was down to 201 for a couple of weeks. Now I'm up to 205. Maybe I need to switch off the heavy weights. Focus on the cardio. Or maybe those "spin" classes.

Anyway, I'm so happy to be back in the gym. And I'm feeling great. Not the slightest bit of hint of trouble from my shoulder. And my energy levels are through the roof. Just a shame that I had to get serious in my late thirties. Hopefully I can get the kids to see the error of my ways. And they can avoid my decades of sloth and stupidity. Only time will tell.

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