Monday, December 07, 2009


Bunches of thoughts going through my head. With little, if any, coherent order. Was trying to find a theme for the post. But it is all randomness behind my eyes. Like puddles in today's rain.
  • Where did 2009 go? It is almost gone and it doesn't seem to have even started. 
  • Put up our Christmas tree yesterday, Usually try to do it on Mom's birthday. But she came over early and we pulled out the decorations.
  • Went to Ocean Spring's with Cindy, yesterday. After my workout. Had $80 worth of tapas and drinks. And bought another $80 worth hand-made jewelry from my cohort Tracy. Nice items. Nice food. Strong drinks. We had fun. The price tag seemed about right. 
  • Funky weather as of late. Low 30s one day. Snowed just north of us. Rain this morning. Then twenty degrees warmer as I came home. Supposed to be approaching 70 soon.
  • Things are much better with the kids. Much calmer around the house. And we're able to have fun together most weekends. Good to be past the chaos in the wake of Liam's unexpected surgery last year. I think we're all saner.
  • Trying to get the Beetle wrapped up. Finalizing the brakes now. Rear view mirror. Car computer. A few last touches. And we're done done done.
  • Need to get some projects under way on the house. Kitchen. Or bathroom. Or additions. Been too inactive lately. But we're leery of doing anything expensive in these troublesome times. Hopefully the economy gets some stability. We'll feel safer to start something new. I'm growing anxious in the meanwhile.
All in all, good days. I hope they continue to get better. We all do.

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