Thursday, April 07, 2011

Done Drowning

Worked out core this morning. Lost count on my last super set. Either did three, or four. Was happy either way. Good start to the morning. Then five sets of meetings followed. And a blinding headache rolled through. My vision literally swirling with a mass of black smears. Had to sit in an unlit portion of the data center for half an hour until the pain subsided.

Tried cardio after work. Swam some laps. Some. Lungs wouldn't cooperate. Barely managed 1000 meters. Usually do three times as many. Just pitiful and angry and done with being nearly drowned.

Another softball game followed . Meg didn't get a hit, but she did field two balls and made two good plays. Had a great round of practice batting before the game. But couldn't do the same when it was her turn at bat. But she tried. And I'm terribly proud of her.

Both kids are better athletes than their parents were. Better than me, for sure. Just hope we can capitalize on their success and help them transition into successful adults. Then we're all done drowning.

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