Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Yearly Occurrence

I've known Mike for a couple of years. We play Left4Dead. Online. Along with  several other gents. I've only known them as digital friends and foes. All strewn across the Internet.

Met Mike tonight. Live. Southern Gaming Summit. Out on the pool deck. Everyone crowded under a couple of tents. Temperature had dropped to the low sixties. Rain clouds teased us with a light, but constant drizzle. Free drinks and munchies from the vendors. Mike had some dark ales. I was double fisting. Woodchuck and Sky Vodka. The waiters and their trays of food rarely found us. So we stuck with booze and talks of computers and game theory and the thrills of being 40yr old, married dudes, with two kids and older wives. He does karate to keep the anger at bay. I've got the gym. We all find our own tricks to stay sane.

Ended up with some other geeks and casino folks. Sampling tiny, delicious plates of tapas outside Carnaval De Brasil. Modern politics. The sharp curves of technology. Growth along the Gulf Coast. Plans. Disappointments. And the ever-optimistic future.

Parting ways near eleven. Cold, rainy ride home. Could get used to such outings. But. I'm sure it will only be a yearly occurrence. And my distractions will drift back to online endeavors. Familiar friends and foes. All strewn across the Internet.

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