Monday, October 03, 2011

Down With The Sickness

Started with Meg. Odd lethargy. Exceptionally quiet. Reserved. Diminished appetite. And then the fever. Slightly north of one hundred. Tapered off with some OTC meds. But re-appeared twice yesterday and over night.

My Mom to the rescue. Swung by to watch Red Meg. Then (surprise) gets a call from The Boy. Liam, knowing his sister is home, develops some stomach woes. Home Again, Home Again for him. Two for two.

The Trifecta of McDougal Sickness occurs in the ninth inning, after Lady McDougal returns from her Day Job. Symptoms present as a sore throat, perceived thickness in the right lung, and reduced energy levels.

Papa McDougal feels great, though. Excessively hungry from training. Full of vigor and venom. Elevated mood. Eagerness to take on the world. Certainly not down with the sickness.

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