Saturday, October 01, 2011


September mostly sucked. Traumatized early into it by an all-too-intimate brush with unemployment. Tens days of uncertainty and doubt. Weeks to regain my footing. Skipped a couple of triathlon events. Didn't have the mental or physical (or fiscal!) reserves. My buddy Ron's encounter with a flood. My bro-in-law Darren's vigil with his friend Wade. Nudging Jason towards closure on his legal liabilities from a failed union. Continued mysteries with the source of my Father's twenty thousand dollar ER visit. Just not a good month.

On a brighter side, the kids are doing well. Meg's new dance class. All her tales and drawings. Liam's taken to the trumpet. Continued success with the bass and the piano. And all A's for him thus far at school. Cindy is continuing her education as well as trying to get in better shape by running with me. So I do have blessings to count amid the slings and arrows I suffered.

October has a newness. An end to the blaze of summer. An end to the threat of hurricane season. Only two more triathlons. The holidays. Long sleeve weather. Lower power bills. And the opportunity to let wounds heal. Maybe one day I'll look back and laugh. I hope so. But right now, I'm still a bit sore. So I need some newness.

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