Friday, September 16, 2011

Ron says

Ron says via email: I used to have furniture. It went to the dump today.

Shortly after September 9th, 2011, Ron started IMing me about his unexpected disaster. In the wake of Tropical Storm Lee, the Susquehanna River reached record levels in Pennsylvania. It crept over its banks and submerged dozens of towns and neighborhoods. Including Ron's.

Apparently, Uncle Romei was having a good time with his would-be bride in sunny FL, when a friend calls to tell him that his dog was wandering the neighborhood. When the friend goes to return the dog, he discovered Ron's property was several feet under water. All of which was news to Ron. And promptly ruined his weekend. And the rest of the week. And probably the next couple of months

I offered to fly up and help. Repeatedly. Ron declined. Repeatedly. Ultimately, I gave him his space. Know from experience that dealing with a disaster is a personal practice in anger management. Some things are best done alone. In angry silence.The pain and confusion and hurt work themselves out of your system. Eventually.

Good luck, Ron. I'm here. When you're ready.

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