Thursday, February 02, 2012


Crazy change of course. Cindy and I on pins and needles as of late. Couldn't sleep last night. Felt like I was burning up. But just as I drift off, Liam makes an appearance. Says he can't sleep. None of us were sleeping. Maybe two in the morning that I drifted off. Maybe.

Up at 6A with the kids. No problem with Meg. Usual recent chatter from Liam. But by lunch, the fit hit the shan. Liam calling because his head is full of cement and what drains out is clobbering up his stomach. When we get home, he gets a fever. And is all nappy. Which will fire up Nurse McDougal's pain points.

Then an unexpected bomb blows up at work.  Having to scramble remotely to put all the pieces back together. And a vendor is calling. And coworkers in Las Vegas are calling. And family is calling to check on Liam.

Cindy & Meg dash home. Have a science fair project to cobble together. Usually battle royal there. Comes out nice, with relatively few casualties. The smoke eventually clears.

But we hear from Ye Ol' Reflux, again. Which fires up Nurse McDougal's anxiety.

And to close the night, Meg decides she's too stressed to sleep anywhere other than in my bed. But a prayer and some water and my presence in her bedroom for a half hour calm her down. So everyone is in bed. And even the dog is snoring.

Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully less gloomy.

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