Friday, February 03, 2012

One Less Box

Scratched through a rather pleasant To Do List item. Mailed off a package And a letter. One less box cluttering my life. Reclaim some space in my head. Rid of all the empty promises of "One day. One day."

It'll find a good home. Somebody will make use of the pieces from my failed daydreams. Probably do a better job than I would have, anyway.

But it did make me think of Atlanta for a while. My old house. Basement. Things I'll never have again. Tell myself I don't want them. Probably another lie. Makes suffering my fate a little easier, though. So I humor myself with such illusion.

In the long run,  I have an entire graveyard worth of dead memories to bury. I want them all gone. One day at a time, though. I'll get where I want to go, eventually.

1 comment:

Ron Meinsler said...

One more box....for me. I thank you for this box Jon. I love projects that involve Linux and automation. This will be countless hours of fun for me.