Sunday, February 05, 2017

The Road To Tradition 2017 - Bike Maintenance

Duncan from Tri Hard Sports came by the training camp today. Walked everyone through changing their first time. Went over lubing the chain. Talked about the importance of cleaning off all the gear after a long ride. Great to have Duncan's advice as he brings a wealth of experience, a focus on customer service, and an amazing talent for breaking complex problems into simple solutions for folks who have no idea where to start tackling things like blown tires and funky chains. If you're ever in need of bike support, Duncan's the right resource!

Meanwhile, one of my Clydesdales, Luke, and Onnie brought the thunder to Rock & Roll NOLA this morning. Couldn't join them due to obligations and complications (no surprise there) but they did great and made us all proud. Alvie. especially. He messaged me at one point and said: "WALL!" But having trained with him so many times my response was: 
Walk. Breathe. Shake it out.
Get on your long, fast walking pace. Seen you WALK almost 13min/mile.
Get on that pace and you got sub 3hrs. Keep moving. Keep breathing. You've got long legs. Use em.

Less than an hour later he wrote:
Under 3, my legs are rubber

BOOM! That happened. Take your dreams, work hard, make them a reality. Need proof? Check out Alvie. He earned his medal today! 

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