Sunday, August 28, 2005

Early to rise

A benadryl induced fog behind my eyes and Lady Katrina plastered on every screen. She's a big girl. Doesn't look happy. Category 5 and working herself up toward 200 MPH. I'll let my father sleep another hour. (An excuse to try to clear the cobwebs from my head.) Then we have to board up the windows. If Jason gets his act together, I'll help him, too. But I have to get on the road. And head north. Supposedly, the evacuation of New Orleans resulted in people taking 8 hours to drive 4 miles through the inner city. I don't want to be caught in the maw of Traffic Hell. (Didn't I just leave Atlanta to avoid such adventures?)

Cindy has already left, with her Mother, to Aunt Judy's house. Hattiesburg, MS. Where we are making our last stand. And I'm already groggy.

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