Friday, June 29, 2007


To keep the billions and billions flowing into the military-security warchests, the scamiticians have to continually stoke the ever-cooling fires of our fear. Couple of quick examples: shoebomber on a plane, liquid bombers planning on going on planes, and today's truck bombers in Central London.

But here is the thing: We always remember the initial violently over-done reports of the fearmongery and frequently we're happy to give up a little more of our freedom in order to prevent such problems from happening again, but NOBODY ever keeps on eye on developments once the truth beings to float to the surface.

Case in point: The unsuccessful shoebomber. This kook caused a wave panic throughout America which continues to cling to our security practices to this day. We happily take off our shoes and throw away a little piece of our person freedom. But nobody realizes the "bombs" had no chance of bringing down the plain. Certainly people would have been injured, possibly even killed, but the plane would not have been crippled. Do we sheeple try to take back our freedom? No. We smile and walk around in our socks.

Case in point: The unsuccessful liquid bomb plot. Europe or English intelligence reportedly caught this "terrorist cell" before they could smuggle their chemicals on board and mix them together to create some level of explosion. Again, a wave of panic sweeps through America and continues to linger with no expiration date. We can't take liquids through the "check points," now. Not on our person, and only a prescribed amount inside our carry-on luggage. Does anybody care to mention the "terrorists" were released and never went to trial because of lack of evidence? Does anymore breath a sigh of relief? Does anybody reclaim our forfeited freedoms? No. We suffer through the delays. We waste our time in un-needed lines. We employ a legion of "security agents," to prevent the most unlikely events.

And now the scamiticians are going to find some way to spin the Central London Bombs three ways:
  1. Try convince the American sheeple that a Republican President in 2008 will be able to prevent "terrorists" from setting of such bombs in our own backyard.
  2. Funnel more money into the military-security machine, to prevent "terrorists" from being able to get such bomb trucks into critical locations around the country.
  3. Find a way to further erode our remaining civil liberties, in order to prevent "terrorists" from having the freedom to park terror vans in front of our daycares. (Perhaps we need to criminalize large vehicle, with the exception of gas-gulp SUVs.)
Our elected officials are unable to please us by actually living up to their promises, but they can easily scare us into obedience.

Watch for fresh fearmongery on the horizon.

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