Saturday, April 04, 2009

Another Saturday

Cindy was off shopping somewhere. I don't ask, anymore. Had the kids all day. On top of my usual project list to wade through. Backed up by maybe four hours of sleep.
  • Sent off the taxes and some eBay sales
  • Took Liam in for his first haircut in like six months
  • Grabbed lunch and watched an airshow
  • Cleaned out two boxes of leftovers from moving 4yrs ago
  • Installed two new motion-activated floodlights outside
  • Tried to fix the sagging ceiling in the garage (need a 6x6)
  • Tried to fix the rider mower (need a new elec system)
  • Took the kids to Monsters vs Aliens
  • Bought some bday cards for Cindy
  • Bought some coffee-related gifts for Cindy
  • Kept the kids alive and fed and bathed for another day

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