Wednesday, April 01, 2009

MOVIE: American Meth

A documentary from 2008, American Meth takes a very small, focused view of a very large, ungodly problem. The stories of "normal" every day Americans as they battle against their addictions to meth unfolds slowly and carefully, taking gradual steps to make sure the viewer understands this is the real deal. It isn't some fictional plague sweeping across the nation, it is already upon us, killing us from within. Every day. Every state. Without regard to race, religion, nationality, or economic footing. Neighbors. Coworkers. Friends. Family. Any of them could be involved in the non-stop pursuit of the potent high delivered by meth.

The story does drag at times. I found it became redundant after a few tales. The viewer knows what is coming. And gets numb to it. What kept my attention was the effect meth had on families. Children were all-but abandoned. Spouses gave up on each other. Parents tried again and again to save their kids from the addictions. And jail time was a frequent outcome for most users.

American Meth is a documentary. It isn't likely to be found in the "New Release" section of Blockbuster. So I had to go looking for it. And it met my expectations. While slightly dry in places, the stories were touching and well presented. Morbid to say, but I honestly wanted to see some more overdoses and a lot more about the physical side effects of prolonged meth use.

Probably not something to watch on a date. But I would recommend it for older kids, to demonstrate what is lurking out there. I think the movie makes its point and it is a point that should be shared with as many people as possible.

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