Saturday, May 09, 2009

Beetle Build - Chargers

The Beetle has two different power systems. The one with 13 x 12v lead acid batteries (for the motor) is affectionately known as the High Voltage System. The lone 12v battery (for the lights and radio and such) is dubbed the Low Voltage System. Each one has a different charging system.

We physically installed the charger for the High Voltage System (top picture) a while back, but didn't wire it into the lines until today. It is a big, heavy, expensive charger. You could anchor a boat with it. And it will completely charge all 13 batteries in eight hours, or less.

The Low Voltage System is much smaller and doesn't require much of a charger (second picture.) I bought one off Amazon and we installed in just a couple of minutes. Even though it barely weighs a pound, it should charge the battery in an hour, or less.

Both chargers tested clean and all the batteries are topped off. 

So, with the exception of the various gauges and monitoring system, we've finished the electrical portion of the adventure and we're down to making it street legal.

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