Sunday, May 17, 2009

This Olde House - Ceilings & Stumps

After I scraped down the "popcorn" ceiling, the next step is to make the surface as smooth as possible. I'm not good at it. So I outsource that part of the adventure to Troy. He walked around the dining room and the living room on stilts, scraping loose stuff and smoothing it out with drywall mud. It took him maybe two hours. It would have taken me two days. Next weekend, he paints it. And we mark it: DONE!

Late in the afternoon, Meg went to sing at a retirement home with the choir and I spent an hour with an axe and the Fubar doing my version of "stump busting." Liam lent a hand, too. And we busting up about half a dozen or ten small stumps and roots that cause trouble (and bent cowls) for the riding mower. Hopefully our time and efforts were worth it. Looking forward to a smoother mow next week!

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