Thursday, May 14, 2009

MOVIE: Star Trek (2009)

Short version: Very good movie, with only a few exceptions. Would make a great date flick even for non-Trek fans.

Long version: What was good? The acting did a fine job of honoring the spirit of the original characters. The effects were spectacular (though with a $150M budget even Tic Tac Toe could be made into a visual masterpiece.) Interesting story, especially with the character development. Fairly good pacing. Lots of laughs. Just enough violence. Some un-needed monsters. And a lovely green girl.

What was bad? Time travel is a cheap tool used to compensate for a lack of creativity. Were it not for the good points listed above, I would have loathed the movie for using such a gimmick.

Overall, I certainly recommend Star Trek and Liam loved it so much he wasnts to see it again.
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