Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Got The Buzz

Crrrrrap. A new application to draw my dwindling supply of attention. Not only is it a damn Social Media app. Not only is it super freakin' easy to use. But, Sweet Jeebus Christos save me, it is from Google.

Google Buzz, to be exact. According to them, I'm supposed to "Share updates, photos, videos, and more. Start conversations about the things you find interesting." 

Of course it is The Big G's direct frontal assault on Facebook and Twitter. The victor claiming dominion over the online lives of hundreds of millions of people. Fortunately for them, FB and Twitter have a huge following and the wind at their back. Unfortunately, we're talking about Google. Ask Microsoft and Yahoo what that is like.

I'm actually ready to give up Facebook. It's cumbersome. Spammy. Insecure. And rapidly devolving as a useful application.

Here's why I like Buzz better:
  • It is Google. I already spend the bulk of my online activity inside of Google's applications. 
  • It is Google. They're secure. They're opening their code. I actually TRUST them.
  • Buzz isn't Facebook. I can't stand all the cruft and ads and blatant commercialism.
  • Buzz isn't Facebook. They retain all your information indefinitely and use it however they see fit. They are insecure.I know pllllenty of people who have had their accounts hacked. They aren't interested in security or privacy. They are interested in getting as much information from as many people as possible and using it to generate revenue. 
  • Buzz integrates into my Gmail.
  • Facebook won't stop changing their interface.
Anyway, I hope Buzz wins the battle. But it faces an uphill battle to win NEW users, and overcome the momentum its opponents have built over the years. Fortunately, they've done it before. I hope they do it again.

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