Friday, February 05, 2010

On The Half Shell.

A brief excursion with my beloved. Couple of drinks at my new favorite Gulfport hangout: Watson's. Such a cool place. Love the architecture. Love the furniture. All around great, comfy place. And, by some act of my dark computer gods, it is non-smoking. So completely dig it.

After a round, we had dinner on the Half Shell. Great, great design and decor. Good service. Started with a couple of salads. Nummy. Huge servings and nicely made. One of the best "side salads" I've had in a long time. Main dishes came along in the form of seafood-stuff portabella mushrooms (for my bride) and a medium rare ribeye por moi. Cindy enjoyed hers. I enjoyed mine, though I did touch it up with a side of their "voodoo sauce." Good service. Good atmosphere. A surprise birthday party with girls from Atlanta to liven up the night. And a nice, meal between two tired adults.

Didn't have second drinks. Didn't have dessert. But compared notes on parenting on the way home. Then called it an early night. All of us watching Chef Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares on the sofa before parting ways to search for sleep. We all survived. Nice way to end the week.

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