Wednesday, February 03, 2010

These Days

Here is what passes as my life these days: I wake up at 6:30A to try to help Cindy with the kids. (She usually has them fed, then I have to stay on them to get dressed, fix their hair, brush their teeth, make their beds, and get their gear ready for school.) If I slept the night before, I go to the gym. If I didn't, I crash on the sofa for an hour. Then off to the shop.

We're super short staffed at work. The days seem to last 16hrs. And we work 10 days a week. Today, it seemed non-stop from the moment I arrived (working on SQL requirements) to the moment I left (Citrix issues.) If I slept the night before, I'll go home to give Cindy a break from the kids. (She usually goes to see her Mom.) If I didn't, I work out.

When I get home, I'll usually have a shake for dinner and then spend time with the kids. Recently I've been encouraging them to tell me POSITIVE things about school and their day. Then I say POSITIVE things about them. After we talk about our day, We try to watch something informative, like MythBusters or something we've DVRed. Though American Idol pops up, too. No cartoons. No drama.

By 8P, Cindy and Meg are usually asleep. By 8:30P, Liam's in bed, though not always asleep.

I spend a couple of hours writing, catching up on email, and trying to work on projects. Sometimes I'll watch a movie I missed at the theaters. Sometimes I'll watch Hulu or the DVR.  By midnight, I'm usually numb.

I have to read myself to sleep. On a good night, it takes 15 minutes. On a bad night, two hours. Or more. I average about 6 hours per night. Though it isn't uncommon to only get 3 or 4.

Then we start all over at 6:30A.

That's how I roll these days.
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