Friday, April 20, 2012


My old mentor, the globe trotting technophilospher, Chris Miller, asked me to eyeball a recent pet project of his. The result? Two hours. Two big beers. And a week of notes to wade through.

No time for reading during the day. Work too brackish. Tackled it after-hours. My favorite haunt: Rooney's Irish Pub. No smokers tonight. Nearly vacant. Tall mug of ice-cold Woodchuck. iPad for  easy references. Ballpoint pen. Half-inch-thick stack of Miller's stream of consciousness. And a blues playlist on the jukebox.

Surprising stuff. Expecting to read one thing. Finding anything but. If it hadn't come from Miller, I'd suspect a prank. Just THAT crazy.

Not sure either of us know how far down the rabbit hole this will lead. But definitely potential for much adventure. I'll either spend too little time, or too much on it. Only one way to find out.

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