Sunday, April 01, 2012

Paleo Food - Mustard Chicken & Sweet Potato Fries

My second stab at Paleo. Still learning as I go. Today's menu included mustard chicken. I mixed up stone ground mustard, spicey brown, and a few other ingredients. Then let the chicken marinade for several hours. Turned out nice, but I should have tenderized the breasts a little. Made them flatter so they had a more consistent surface. Some were thicker than others, and didn't cook evenly. And I should have grilled them differently, more traditionally. Had them in a pan and they sort of simmered in their own juice. But the chicken came out nicely and I added some left over sauce to the top of the finished product.

Also made some sweet potato fries. Interesting lessons there. One potato produces a ton of fries. Not knowing this, I cut up two of them. Easily enough fries for six people. And I'll have to experiment more with the baking process. After 25 minutes at 450 degrees they were cooked, but not crispy. I want crispy!

My favorite part was brewing up a batch of homemade ketchup! Far easier than I thought. Fairly cheap. And super double extra delicious. Far better than any store bought supplies. Without the carbs. Without the High Fructose Corn Syrup. And one batch will last weeks at our rate of consumption.

Another fun and healthy experiment. Plus Cindy's digging the Paleo. Or at least she's doing a good job of fooling me. But at least I'm cooking?

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