Saturday, September 29, 2012

70.3 Training - Week 3

Still making constant improvements on running. My main focus, actually. Because my complete suckification at running. It's always been an albatross around my neck. So I'm aggressively sticking to the plan.
Luke suggested a couple of changes which have seriously helped me and done wonders for my confidence. He says no matter what pace I run, or the length of the run, do intervals: 5min run, 1min walk. And take water with me. Those changes have made all the difference! Mentally I can tell myself, "You're only running for five minutes!" And then I get a break. Swish some of the water in my mouth. Take a sip. Control my breathing. Then tell myself I'm doing great and have plenty of energy left.

Been running at night. Nearly naked. Just the running shorts and my shoes. A pale, sweaty werewolf jogging through the neighborhood in the dark hours, trying not to scare small children. Much cooler that way. And I don't care who sees me. Though I'm rarely seen. Sometimes only one or two cars pass me the whole time. But it is an interesting change, for me. Proud of  myself, but I'm probably a horror to behold.

This week's long run was supposed to be an hour and forty five minutes. I was doing PRETTY well. Lots of energy, not much woe, very little talk from the lizard trying to derail me. But an hour into it I started getting hungry. And then a half hour later, it started raining. Didn't want to risk getting my phone wet, so I headed back to the house. Ended up doing 90 minutes and 9 miles. Another PR!

Program is working. Gaining new confidence each day. If I can do 9 miles, I can do 13! Just pace myself. Fuel myself. And keep focused. Couple of week, I'll make it through my first half Ironman. Beware, the Thundergod!

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