Sunday, September 30, 2012

Girl Power 2012

Woke up early for a trip to NOLA. Girl Power 2012. An all-women Super Sprint Triathlon. Several of the local girls went as their first or almost-first triathlon: Allison, Beth. Cheri, Nancy, Peggy, Randi, and Shannon. 650 registered competitors. Indoor swim: 300 meters (6 laps). 10 mile bike turned into 8 miles due to standing water on the course. And a 2 mile run.

Never just WATCHED an event before. Was interesting to see people going through the motions, rather than being a part of the chaos. Enlightened by observing everyone swim. Remembering my first race (Traditions in 2011) and how my face never entered the water. So ineffective and slow. How I gassed out mid-way and attempted to backstroke for a while. Reinforced the critical importance of good form. Minimizing drag. Minimizing effort. Conserving energy.  None of which entered my mind last year, but haunts my thoughts these days.

Overall, great event. Some complaints about the course, mainly due to weather. I think all the girls broke personal records. And many of them ranked well in their groups. Proud of all of them and happy to support their efforts. The first for most of them, but hopefully not their last.

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