Monday, October 01, 2012

SERIES: The Booth At The End

I'm a big fan of well-written shows. And I'm a big fan of Hulu. So when the web-based broadcaster decided to produce their own series, I was double excited.

The Booth At The End follows the twists and turns of several characters who visit a mysterious deal broker at the back of a road-side diner. Each of them has heard The Man can grant wishes if they're willing to do something in return. Their different requests and different tasks co-mingle, overlap, or sometimes unknowingly come into conflict with one another.

The episodes are short, well-written, masterfully directed, and instantly engrossing. All of the first two seasons are online. An excellent way to spend a few hours. And I hope Hulu decides to create more of their own content if this is what we have to expect from them.

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