Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Dive. The Hall. The Meg.

Never a dull moment these days. Always an adventure waiting to be had.

On the 65th anniversary of Chuck Yeager becoming the first human to break the speed barrier (by piloting an experimental rocket powered aircraft) Felix Baumgartner successfully completed Red Bull's Stratos skydive attempt. After dangling in a one-man space capsule under 30,000,000 cubic feet of helium for two hours to the very edge of space, Felix leaped from a height of  128,100 feet, reached a maximum estimated speed of 833.9MPH, and would free fall for 4:22 before landing in near Roswell, NM. Started watching it live on YouTube, then CNN picked it up. But they had LOTS of distracting talking heads. Ended up catching it on Discovery, with a lack of sockpuppets drowning in the background and naught but the chattering of Mission Control as Felix soared through the sky, like Buzz Lightyear writ large.

In the meanwhile, Jon had to whittle away at his never-ending list of To Do items. Today's chore: cover up the water stain on the ceiling. A hold over from the @#$!ing AC drain pipes got clogged and spilled over the collection pain. ($200 that I didn't have for a smiling plumber to "blow them out.")

Drop cloth. Step ladder. Killz. 3" roller. Then it takes me longer to set up and clean up than it takes to roll out the paint. Of course I'll have to put down a second coat next weekend. But it's looking much nicer, now. And maybe, just maybe, SOMEBODY will get off my back long enough for me to catch a breath and relax for a few minutes. Then again, there's always Woodchuck for that.

And speaking of God-only-knows-what-to-expect-next, there is life with Meg. One minute the girl is writing philosophical quotes on the dew-covered hood of my car ("Energy follows thought" in this case) and the next  minute she is screaming at the top of her lungs how she is tired of going to The Dock "the last seven times we went out to eat!" and WANTS MEXICAN! Meg screaming about her dinner plans is akin to an ice pick to the eyeball. Over. And over. And... ...over. For the next 7 years. Or more?

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