Saturday, October 06, 2012

70.3 Training - Week 4

Interesting week of training for our would-be Ironman. Continuing to improve and gain more confidence each day.

  • Booked a room at the New Roads, LA, Cypress Inn. Two nights. Figured a nap would follow the race. And perhaps the legs will not be too cooperative until after a long break.
  • Started thinking about fuel plans during the event. Won't be able to burn upwards of a thousand calories an hour without good fuel in the tank. Luke says munch every thirty minutes. Keep things simple. Just have to experiment and dial in the details over the next few weeks.
  • Started wetsuit swims. Regretting the long sleeves while the weather is relatively warm. A good bit more work on the arms. Having to caught my breath a little every 200 yards, right now. But in early November, they'll likely be a godsend. Not to mention the added buoyancy!
  • Crushed a run on Monday. 6 miles in less than an hour. New PR. But failed miserably on Wednesday's short run. Calves like lead. Tasers for feet, shooting bright doses of pain up shins and quads and eventually vertebrae. Maybe 2.5 miles, mostly walking, in 30 minutes. Good run tonight, though. An hour and fifteen minutes. 7.2 miles. A pitstop and a funked up phone created minor delays. 
  • The cycle reset this week. Last week was a peak. This week, start building up again. Culminates in two hour runs and three hour rides by the end of the month. 
Hoping to have less distractions. Stick to the plan. Train solo if needed. But stick to the plan. 

Only four weeks to go. 

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