Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

That time of year. Sugar. Ghouls. Princesses. Heroes. Villains. And lots of tired parents. Me among them. But it is worth it, for the kiddos. When they're happy, I'm happy. And I certainly want to be happy.

So Meg decided to combine genres this year. She was an undead prom queen. Completely with black nails, black lipstick, pale makeup, and black boots that stopped fitting two years ago (but she wore them anyway.) Liam put up the typical "I'm Too Cool" defense, at first. But then the lure of candy overrode his desire to preserve his social status and at the last minute he cobbled something together. An acid trip hippy or something. Complete with 1970s pimp hat. Good enough, right? 

Since our neighborhood has longer streets and fewer nice people who will answer their doors (meaning a longer walk for few treats!) we went to Gigi's house. Uncle D & Aunt Amy had brought their youngest kids (Tolar  was Darth Vader. Alex was an Egyptian princess) so we merged the teams and tackled the night, together.

Actually went better than I thought. The four kids managed themselves. For the most part. A minimum of goal tending by us Dads. Meanwhile, the women gossiped and drank wine. Clear skies. Nice temperature. No surely teens to cause trouble. And after a couple of blocks, the crew was ready to wind to a close. All in all, an excellent outing which didn't result in any drama, tears, or bloodshed.

Afterward, I ran 10K. Yeah, I'm THAT weird. No, I wasn't dressed up. Unless you count looking like a frumpy old geek. But I'm always dressed up like that.

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