Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On Perceptions

My father picked up some of my pictures today. Rocketman photos. (I'm pretty happy with them, too.)

Dad checks them out and says, "Geez, look how skinny you are, son!" 

"I'm not skinny, Dad. I'm just not as overweight anymore."

"You weren't overweight! If you were overweight, I'm really fat."

"I was almost 220lbs. Down to about 185lbs, now. Actually pretty close to my ideal. First time in more than a decade." 

"Well, you weren't fat." 

Maybe I wasn't. But I certainly wasn't healthy. And I didn't feel good. And I wasn't happy. Forty five pounds later, I'm much better. 

Maybe I'm skinny? I don't know. My belly isn't. But I'll suffer being skinny if it means I sleep better, feel better, and go through life better. I'll take skinny any day. 

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