Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Diversity 2012 - Day Two

Last night, I slept like a baby. And needed it. Diversity 2012, Day Two, was as dynamic and challenging as Day One! Another 10+ hours of helping and coaching and challenging and supporting and running and lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Couple of surprising demonstrations at my expense. Had to start off the morning with a dance. And anyone who knows me should know I would rather set my manparts on fire than dance in front of people. Concluded with a very personal, very revealing public revelation of my fear concerning my first attempt at a 70.3 next month. A huge mental barrier for me, and I put my mind and body into breaking through it today.

After the final class exercise, the Diversity Instructors from LV thanked us for our efforts and sacrifices, then presented us with a very unique lapel pin. (I'll post a picture and details later.) After their polite words, I offered a few suggestions to everyone. Suggested that we are honored to have any manner of impact on their lives or thoughts, but experiencing the class with them and coaching them had affected all of us (coaches) Their journey has also been a journey for us. And I left them with the final thought: lasting results only come from lasting changes. They cannot practice the lessons they learned once or twice and expect to remain changed forever. They have to commit to lasting changes. And only then will they achieve lasting results.

The 600th Diversity Graduation followed. The Champions celebrated. Existing Champions cheered them on. Food. Drink. Cleaning up. The long drive home. And thus concluded Diversity 2012, Day Two. Until next year!

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