Friday, October 19, 2012

In The Long Run

I like Friday because it is the end of the work week.

I don't like Friday because it means I have a long run in the evening.

Today was no exception. Supposed to do An hour and forty seven minutes. (Luke makes the schedule. I just do what he says. No idea why it is an hour and forty seven minutes.)

Picked a mild pace. About 9:30/mile. But with interval training it turned closer to 10:30/mile. 1 minute walk and all. By the end (an hour and fifty minutes) I had traveled 10.3 miles.

Another personal record. A distance I'd never covered before. And wasn't sure I could do. But I did. And it didn't kill me. Nice weather. Proper hydration. Good fueling through out.

Everything came together, in the long run.

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