Saturday, October 27, 2012

70.3 Training - Week 7

Hardest week, yet. The peak of my training. Never pushed further or longer than I did this week. And I'm feeling GREAT! If I'm not ready now, I won't ever be ready.

Swimming was on par. I've never been worried about the swimming. I might not be the fastest fish in the water, but I've been doing a mile during training for a couple of months now.

Biking could have been better. Needed one longer ride. But I felt pretty good on what I did. On race day, with the adrenaline and lots of sleep under my belt, I'll do fine.

Running was great! Did 12.2 miles in just under two hours. The interval training has paid off enormously. No doubts that I can do the distance now. Keep focused. Keep positive. Stick to the plan. Rinse and repeat as needed. Very proud of my progress on the run and I'm doing distances I never (EVER!) thought I could do.

The hard part is over. Now I start to taper off. Let my body recover. Focus on sleep and food. Then kick all kinds of buttocks on race day. River Roux, here I come!

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