Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Approaches

As the day draws to a close, Hurricane Sandy approaches some of my friends in the North East. Ron, Margaret, Phil, and Alex's Mother, to name a few. The region isn't prepared for even a CAT1. Let alone a so-called "Super Storm" that results from Sandy colliding with two other fronts. All right over the heads of people I cannot stop thinking about. At the least, they'll lose power for up to a week. At worst, well let's not talk about that.

Here's the sad and weird part: I'd rather be directly in Sandy's path myself than to be a casual observer as she hits my friends. I hate the idea of not knowing what will happen to them. Constantly fearing the worst for them. Wanting to help them in any way I can, even though we all know there's nothing I can do.

Instead, I'm confined to my own existence. Watching their new one unfold in real time across the news, Facebook, Twitter, and private IMs. Powerless, except to watch. And wait.

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