Friday, October 05, 2012

Hodge At 40

Misery loves company. So it was with warm regard that I welcomed my man Gregory Hodge to the "Over The Hill," club today. We all float down here!

Celebrated the end of his youth with a visit to our favorite Biloxi haunt: The Fillin Station. An experimental crawfish piroux for birthday boy. A Biloxi Blues wrap por moi. Always good food. Always good drink. And the 20-something waitresses know we're harmless old men, so they came out in droves to chat up us lame-o casino geeks. (That's Courtney in the photo.) Concluded with the bringing of a nummy slice of birthday cheesecake (Hodge spared a lone bite) and lots of goodbye hugs, for him.

And that was the highlight of my Friday. Won't mention the lack of training. The new leak. Circular arguments. Or wasting half an hour in traffic where (as a 40-something) I was one of the youngest drivers on the road. For all those woes: this too shall pass. In the meanwhile, very proud to spend a day with Hodge at 40.

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