Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Slings & Arrows

It is a shame that we're more affected by the bad things in our lives and the good. We take so much for granted. Health, money, food, cars, houses. We go through the majority of our lives with an abundance of choices and abundance, rarely stopping to realize how blessed we are. With our air conditioned, always-connected homes, running water, and access to modern medicine, we live like modern gods compared to the majority of the people on earth.  

Example? I complain and beat myself when I have a bad run. Like tonight. Calves made of lead. Shins tight like snare drums. Getting madder with each step. Ended up walking most of the way.And could not get through 5K (3 miles) in a half hour. Horrible, godawful performance, and I should have just stayed home.  

But in the end, I have plenty to be thankful for. Including two absolutely amazing kids that continue to surprise me with their talents and abilities. Example? Miss Meg dancing around the house, drawing little cartoons & characters on stray slips of paper, and playing her fiddle for me. It's like living with a magical Disney character where nothing is every grim or impossible. Another example? Young Mister Liam and his unparalleled affinity for musical instruments. Sitting on his futon tonight, playing music HE wrote, and combining it with everything from Jaws to Adele. 

I'll suffer any number of slings & arrows, as long as I have my kids to come home to at the end of a long run.

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