Saturday, September 22, 2012

70.3 Training - Week 2

Luke finalized my training schedule. Starts off tough. Ends tough. I've been running 10K (6 miles) without dying. Usually takes over an hour. But this new schedule started off with a bang: my long run last night was 90 minutes. And I went over eight miles. A new Personal Record (PR) for a solo run!

Didn't die. Didn't collapse. And the next day, I was sore, but not crippled. Last I attempted such a distance by myself, I only went 4 miles and destroyed my shins. I didn't run again for over a month.
Swimming has been good. I've already trained enough so that a mile is no problem and 1.2 is doable during an event. Thankfully, two years into it, I have muscle memory and don't really "think" about swimming any more. It just sorta happens.
Biking isn't bad. On a bad day, I'm above 18MPH. On a good day, a little over 19MPH. I've done two hours before without any problems. I'm usually doing at least one these days. But won't be long before I'm doing two hours at a time, maybe even three.
Happy with the results so far. I think it is trimming off some of my babyfat, too! I feel thinner. I think I look thinner in the midsection. Not going to hop on a scale and ruin it, though! Maybe I'll weigh in before the event. But not any time soon. It's just a number, anyway.

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