Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Our day started at 0700. Which was actually 0600 but that devilish Daylight Savings Time descended upon us last night. Thankfully, it wasn't freezing. Liam and I dashed over to Biloxi. Coastal Women for Change (CWC) needed volunteers to weed and till their community garden after the recent weather. Beau Rivage asked employees to help, and I took Liam. (He needs hours each quarter for his Honors Program, anyway.)

We spent two hours with rakes and hoes. First digging up grass or weeds. Then tilling up compact ground. And finally raking everything smooth. Great weather, just enough folks, and the work passed quickly. Glad to help the community and thinking about going back next week. Maybe bringing components for a composting barrel. Would be nice if they could re-use all the organic material that they're currently discarding.

Weather stayed nice after lunch. Cindy bought Meg a kite. Meg tried to fly said kite. But the kite and the wind didn't cooperate. But it was great fun watching Meg try. Running across the yard, green kite following at her heels. She had a little success, but nothing prolonged or lasting. A few times she'd get it eight or nine feet up. But then the breeze would fade. And down came Meg's kite.

Slow, lazy Sunday. Enjoying the time with the kids while I can.

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