Saturday, March 09, 2013

Run For Relief 2013

I woke up NOT wanting to run this morning. Crappy sleep. Lack of motivation. Budding anger issues. But, once I was awake, I wasn't going back to sleep. So I dragged out of bed, dressed furiously, and rolled to RunNTri for the 9th annual Run For Relief.

LOTS of military guys racing. All of them in great shape. Haven't been passed THAT much in a long time. Was hoping to follow somebody with a 7:30 pace. But started off even faster: 7min/mile! Couldn't hold it for very long (about half a mile!) and lost the group I was pacing.

Hoped to beat last week's record time: 25:35. However, my GPS shutoff at some point. So I literally had NO idea of my pace or timing. Only slowed for 10 seconds at the midway point. 3 sips of water. Then grunted out the second half.

Came around the last turn, and discovered I was nearly ahead of my previous record. Turned up the heat, sensed somebody behind me doing the same, and finished with a strong (by my measure) kick at the end. Official time? 25:36. One SECOND off of last week's record. Two seconds from a new record.

Didn't place for my age group. Probably not even close. Didn't PR. And didn't eat any donuts because I'm stupid about carbs and sugars now.

Oh, well. Better luck next time, Old Bean!

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