Saturday, March 30, 2013

Road To Traditions 2013 - Week 3

Training on Saturday because tomorrow (our usual training day) is Easter Sunday. Great crowd. Great weather. Did a change up on the activities, though. Ride, run, swim!

Ride was much better than last week. Solo for the vast majority of it. Passed several folks. Decent average. Didn't give it my BEST effort, but felt strong throughout.

Run went really well, for me. Plenty of energy and a fairly good pace. Did the first mile through the neighborhood and slowed for ten seconds. Then did the ugly offroad mile. First up a dirt road. Ten second walk. Then down a wooded trail. Bit slippery at the bottom. But very happy with my performance.

If I don't PR next week, I'm gonna be crushed. But it's been a great off season and I hope to make Traditions the first of many personal successes this year.

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